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The Cochrane Farmers’ Market is committed to assisting our vendors on the road to success. Providing quick access to resources that increase knowledge and skill level is one of the many ways we can help vendors become the best they can be. Check back frequently, new resources will be added on a regular basis. Are we missing anything? Perhaps a great resource that you’ve discovered? Let us know!

Links to Regulations, Guidance Documents, and Publications

Information for Farmers’ Market Managers and Stallholders:  this publication outlines Alberta Health Services requirements for vendors selling food products at Approved Farmers’ Markets

Food Safety Basics for Farmers’ Market:  all food vendors must be certified for the handling of food, successful completion of the online course is acceptable for those selling at an Alberta Approved Farmers’ Market.  If a vendor can touch the food directly, they need to take the course.

Food Safety Checklist for Vendors:  checklist to help keep food sold through Alberta Approved Farmers’ Markets safe.

NEW! Low-risk Home-prepared food:  Information  |   Fact sheet for Operators

Food Product Labelling: Farmers’ market vendors are not exempt from properly labelling their food products. There are both federal and provincial food labelling requirements for all food products sold at a farmers’ market.

  • Canadian Food Inspection Agency Food Labelling Tool – food labelling information for industry.
  • Provincial Labelling Requirements: additional labelling requirements required for both low and high-risk home-produced foods sold at farmers’ markets.
  • Labelling Infographic: provides a visual overview of the main components required on a food product label, along with a description of each requirement. Also included are links to labelling resources and tools.

Temporary Handwashing Stations:  this publication provides criteria for acceptable handwashing stations.

How to label Allergens on your food product: if you are selling a packaged food that contains any priority food allergens, gluten sources or added sulphates, then your product likely requires allergen labelling.

Under the Food and Drugs Act, a cosmetic is defined as:  “any substance you use to clean, improve or change your complexion, skin, hair, teeth or nails. Cosmetics include beauty preparations (perfume, skin cream, nail polish, make-up) and grooming aids (soap, shampoo, shaving cream, deodorant).”

Regulatory information and guidance documents for cosmetics can be found at this LINK.

Products must meet the requirements of the Food and Drugs Act and the Cosmetic Regulations.

Every manufacturer and importer of cosmetics is required to submit a completed Cosmetic Notification Form for each cosmetic intended for sale. Guidance documents are available to assist in completing these forms.

Products must be labelled in accordance with the Labelling Act and Regulations.

Cosmetic vendors must demonstrate that their products are in compliance with all regulations prior to attending the market.

The Cochrane Farmers’ Market strongly recommends ALL vendors to carry liability insurance. Starting in June of 2023, all Full Time vendors at the summer Market by the Bow will be required to have insurance.

Insurance Options:

Alberta Farmers’ Market Association (AFMA) Members –  group rate vendor insurance is available as a membership benefit, AFMA members can obtain liability insurance through Duuo Insurance. Single day coverage begins at just $12 and Multi-Day Flex Policies are available for as low as $1.25 /day. Multi-Day Flex Policies covers vendors for multiple nonconsecutive days while having the freedom to exhibit at any event in the province – an option available exclusively through a valid AFMA membership.

Not an AFMA Member?  Vendors that are not AFMA members can still purchase insurance from Duuo Insurance at non-group rates. Refer to this LINK for information. Email if you require clarification or require additional information about the process or policy.

General Information for Farmers’ Market Vendors

How to be a Farmers’ Market Vendor: tips on how to be a vendor

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YouTube: Farmers’ Market Merchandising (7 videos) a series of tips for farmers’ market newcomers, including naming your business, creating an experience and displaying bok choy. Starring Jennifer Berkenbosch of Sundog Organic Farm